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A small sample of our past successes includes: 

  • Secured a $91 million all funds increase to the Medicaid Personal Care program in the 2019-21 state budget-- the largest increase in 20 years.

  • Successfully reversed a proposed policy change included in the 2019-21 state budget that would have resulted in a cut to county child support agencies and secured a $765,000 GPR increase for the program, the first increase in a decade.

  • Secured a $3 million increase to the 85.21 program (which provides specialized transit services to older adults and people with disabilities) in the 2019-21 state budget—the largest increase in a decade.

  • Passed legislation to create a pathway for Wisconsin-based Managed care Organizations (MCOs) to become licensed as HMOs, allowing them to compete in the state's re-designed long-term care system.

  • First ever funding increase for Post-Adoption Resource Centers in the 2015-17 Budget.

  • Successful expansion of the Family Care  long-term care program statewide.

  • Worked to lift the Family Care enrollment cap.

  • Successfully advocated for the passage of the nation’s model Hate Crimes Legislation, which enhanced penalties for crimes motivated by racism or bigotry.

  • $17.6 million budget increase in several Medicaid non-institutional services.

  • Secured $8.25 million in new state funding, doubling state support for child support enforcement services.

  • Enacted the state licensure for radiologic technologists.

  • Established the state licensure for landscape architects.

  • Successfully protected Wisconsin's SeniorCare program, which provides prescription drug coverage for seniors.

  • Largest increase ever in the state budget for elderly and disabled transportation aid.